Let's envision a peaceful summer night, stars overhead, no second thoughts about mosquitoes.

Skeeter Strike Review

You've had it with those mosquito sprays that seem to choke you more than they choke mosquitoes, right? And those traditional zappers that create an eerie zapping sound just when you're getting to the good part of your novel. Could Skeeter Strike be this solution? Let's find out.

In-depth Skeeter Strike Mosquito Zapper Light Review

Hello, friends! It's me, Mary, your guide to a bug-free life. We've all had those fun summer moments ruined by pesky mosquitos, right? I know I have. Well, guess what? I found something that may help us reclaim our peaceful nights. Let's dive into my experience with Skeeter Strike™, a fancy new bug zapper.

Embarking on the Journey: Meet the Mosquito Vanquisher

skeeter strike review

We all love to enjoy the cool evening breeze, but mosquitos often crash the party. How many times have we tried different bug sprays and candles, only to end up smelling like a chemical plant? But here's some good news – I stumbled upon a potential game-changer.

Introducing the Game Changer: Skeeter Strike™

The day the Skeeter Strike™ arrived at my doorstep, I was as excited as a kid with a new toy. Unpacking it, I found it to be quite compact – just the perfect size to carry along on family picnics. Setting it up was as easy as pie!

Putting Skeeter Strike™ to the Test

Switching on the Skeeter Strike™, I braced myself for the usual loud buzzing noise. But what did I hear? Nothing, nada, zilch! Over the evening, fewer mosquitos buzzed around, and guess what, no new bites!

Are Mosquitos Attracted to UV Light?

If you're like me, you may have been confused by all the information out there regarding mosquitos and their attraction (or not) to light.

It turns out – yes!

Mosquitoes are attracted to UV light in bug zappers like Skeeter Strike™.

There are more than a dozen scientific studies that discuss it, and you can see a whole write-up I did on this other page.

Skeeter Strike™: The Silent Guardian

skeeter strike on bench in garden

Have you ever tried to read a book with a buzzing mosquito zapper in the background? Not fun, right? But with Skeeter Strike™, all I heard was the peaceful night. It was like having a silent guardian, keeping the mosquitoes at bay without disturbing my precious quiet time.

A Mosquito Solution That Loves Your Garden Too

We all love the butterflies and ladybugs in our gardens. I was worried – would the Skeeter Strike™ harm these friendly bugs? But after a few weeks, it seemed like the device was doing a good job at only zapping the naughty mosquitos.

Combined with its super low power usage, this little guy is an all-around eco-friendly bug zapper.

Portability and Convenience: The Skeeter Strike™ Edge

The best part about Skeeter Strike™? It's not just for your backyard. You can easily move it around the house, or even take it on camping trips. Plus, you can hang it up or stand it anywhere you like!

The Verdict: Is Skeeter Strike™ the Mosquito Solution You Need?

3 skeeter strike zappers

After spending some time with the Skeeter Strike™, I've got to say – it's quite a handy tool. It zaps those annoying mosquitoes silently, without using harmful chemicals. Comparing it with other bug sprays and candles, this little guy stands out!

Skeeter Strike™: Your Step Towards Mosquito-free Outdoor Living

Just picture this – a summer evening under the stars, without the worry of mosquito bites. Sounds like a dream, right? The Skeeter Strike™ might just be the hero we need to make this dream come true.

Join the Fight: How to Get Your Own Skeeter Strike™

skeeter strike mosquito zapper in tree

If my story has made you curious and you're thinking about giving Skeeter Strike™ a shot, you can order one from their official website. Right now, they're offering a 50% discount, so it's a great time to try it out!


We all deserve peaceful summer evenings, and with Skeeter Strike™, we might just get them. It's been a good addition to my backyard, helping keep the mosquitoes at bay. If you're tired of being a buffet for mosquitoes, give it a go!


Q1: How effective is this bug zapper in killing mosquitoes and other insects? Skeeter Strike™ is designed to be highly effective in zapping mosquitoes and many other types of bugs. It uses UV light to attract these pests and then zaps them with a powerful electrical grid.

Q2: Is this bug zapper safe for indoor use? Absolutely! The Skeeter Strike™ is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It operates without any harmful chemicals, making it safe to use around your home.

Q3: Is this bug zapper safe around children and pets? Yes, Skeeter Strike™ is safe around children and pets. The electrified grid is closed off so that only insects can get to it.

Q4: What is the power source for this mosquito zapper? Skeeter Strike™ comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can go for 20 hours on a single charge.

Q5: How long does the bug zapper light last? The bulb in Skeeter Strike™ has a lifespan of over 10,000 hours, giving you long-lasting bug zapping protection.

Q6: Is Skeeter Strike™ harmful to other garden bugs? Skeeter Strike™ attracts and zaps bugs that are attracted to UV light, like mosquitoes and flies. It's less likely to harm beneficial bugs that aren't attracted to light.

Q7: Does this mosquito zapper work for other types of insects? Absolutely! It attracts and zaps any critters that can see the UV light. This includes mosquitoes, flies, and many others.

Q8: What is the range of this mosquito zapper? One Skeeter Strike™ can effectively cover 350 square feet outside, but it can cover even more inside or on a confined area like a patio or porch.

Q9: Is the bug zapper waterproof? While Skeeter Strike™ is designed to be used outdoors, it's best to protect it from extreme weather conditions.

Q10: What is the cost of replacement bulbs or parts? With its 10,000-hour bulb lifespan and robust construction, you won't have to worry about replacement parts or bulbs for a very long time.

Q11: Does the bug zapper come with a warranty or guarantee? Yes, Skeeter Strike™ comes with a satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to try it out risk-free.

Q12: What are the dimensions of the bug zapper? Skeeter Strike™ is quite compact, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. For exact dimensions, you can check the product specifications on their website.

Q13: Is the bug zapper easy to install and set up? Absolutely! Setting up the Skeeter Strike™ is a breeze. Just charge it up, switch it on, and you're good to go.

Q14: Does the bug zapper have any unpleasant odors or loud noises when in use? Nope, it doesn't. Skeeter Strike™ works silently and without any bad smells.

Q15: What is the lifespan of the product? With proper care, your Skeeter Strike™ can last for many years. The LED light itself has a lifespan of over 10,000 hours.

Q16: Does the bug zapper attract all types of mosquitoes? Yes, Skeeter Strike™ uses UV light, which attracts all types of mosquitoes.

Q17: How do I clean the bug zapper? Cleaning the Skeeter Strike™ is simple. Just unscrew the tray at the bottom and dump the dead bugs in the trash. You won't even have to touch them!

Q18: Does this bug zapper make a lot of noise? Not at all. Skeeter Strike™ operates quietly, so it won't disrupt your peace and quiet.

Q19: Can I use this mosquito zapper while I'm sleeping? Yes! Skeeter Strike™ is so quiet, you can use it while you're sleeping without any disturbance. Plus, it doubles as a night light!


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